Hi All!

Welcome to The Coffee Pusher Blog! My name is Brooke and I love the Lord, my family, and all things coffee!

This blog is a expression of my walk with the Lord, and the wisdom that He has graciously granted me in the areas of the Bible, nutrition and health, homeschooling, FEMM education, and even coffee! 

I am a senior pastor’s wife, so I have had the joy of teaching the Word of God to women for over 20 years, and the privilege of walking this crazy, and sometimes very difficult life with them. 

I hope to be successful in sharing and imparting the things that the Lord has taught me, to you, the reader!

If you ever have any questions about the Lord, The Coffee Pusher blog or any of the the contents therein, please reach out to me via the Contact Us!  


The Coffee Pusher name came from a mobile coffee business that I started and that was destroyed all in one year, but the name just stuck!

It is my God-given nature to be hospitable and serve unique and delicious coffee and tea beverages to those I love. 

If you like my logo, click here to work with a fantastically talented young man who is my oldest son’s best friend! 

A little about me:

I am a mother of three boys (19, 15, and 11 yrs) and a wife of 23 years.

I’ve been many things over the years; a barista, an office manager, a preschool assistant director, a local outreach organizer, a Sunday school director, a homeschool Mom, an Etsy shop owner, and a Women’s Minsitry director. But my most favorite and constant through all of those jobs and objectives was being a believer of Jesus.

I gave my life to Him when I was 15.

Like so many kids, I came from a broken home, and had never darkened the door of a church. Unlike many, I had been in an awful car accident at age 11 and had significant scaring and disfiguring on my face from penetrating the glass window. From ages 11 – 21, I had 5 facial reconstructive surgeries to put back together what the glass had torn apart. As you can imagine, that added a more insecurities to the teenage years, lol.  Throughout the years of staring, finger pointing, mean comments, and rejection, I found the Lord! Sometimes brokenness is the segway to freedom! The Lord filled my heart with peace in who I was, and what I looked like, and I became confident and strong in Him. I found fellowship with those who saw me through the eyes of Jesus, including my amazing husband Jeremy who is still my rock to this day!

Many things will try to discourage, and break you in this life, but you don’t have to let them! Seek the Lord for His strength and peace, He desires that you walk in victory!


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