FEMM = Fertility Education and Medical Management.

I am a certified FEMM instructor and have a heart to share this critical information with as many women as I can! 

Understanding our body and how / why it functions the way it does is absolutely empowering! 

FEMM education is designed to give women the knowledge and skills to be self-aware and in control, therefore being capable of advocating for ourselves in regard to our health care!

FEMM education is taught in three individual monthly sessions.

In the first session, you learn about your anatomy as a woman, and your basic reproductive hormone functions.

In the second session, you learn the significance of your hormones reaching their proper peaks for your optimal health.

In the third session, you learn how to family plan; how to get pregnant when you are ready, and not when you’re not ready! 

All along the way you are being taught to observe your reproductive vital signs; how to understand and chart these vital signs. 

If you are interested in finding a certified local FEMM instructor, and being aware and in control of your own body, then follow this link to the official FEMM website!